2D Platformer Roguelite ‘Elsie’ Reveals New Parry-Filled Gameplay Trailer

Playtonic Games has revealed a new trailer for the upcoming Knight Shift Games-developed 2D platformer roguelite Elsie. Throughout this title, players control the titular android protagonist on her journey to clean up her home planet of Ekis.

Starting in a haven for survivors of an attack in the city, Sapir Wharf, players will explore several locales, including luscious forests and a volcanic grotto, to find the missing Guardians and remedy their corruption.

Parrying is a crucial mechanic of this experience, with the playable characters Elsie and Andru able to utilize the technique toward ranged and melee strikes for simultaneous offensive and defensive benefits. Successfully parrying will also refill the stamina needed to perform counterattacks, making combat a fast-paced affair.

You can view the new Elsie trailer below:

Elsie will launch for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam at an unknown time.

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