2D Metroidvania ‘Alice Escaped!’ Launching for PC & Switch January 2023; Screenshots + Trailer

Publisher Sekai Project has announced that the illuCalab-developed metroidvania platforming adventure Alice Escaped! will launch for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on January 27, 2023. The character designs are by PicPicGram.

This game follows protagonists Usada and Kotora, who must find a girl named Alice within a wonderland of grimoires they’ve found themselves trapped. Familiar characters Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, and Humpty Dumpty make appearances as original depictions.

The gameplay utilizes a tag-team battle system, where Usada’s and Kotara’s combative toolkits differ. The former is outfitted for close-range scenarios thanks to her sizeable hammer, while Kotara is more ranged with a submachine gun and bombs. Frequent on-the-fly switching between the two girls is encouraged to rack up combos.

Further, defeating enemies builds up the Chance Gauge, which can be expended once full to perform powerful support maneuvers and attacks. Bosses are especially challenging as they have Shields that must be destroyed before they take direct damage. It’s also worth noting that two difficulties will be selectable.

You can view officially provided screenshots for the title via our gallery below:

You can view the latest gameplay and story trailer for Alice Escaped! below, though it’s worth noting that the text is Japanese:

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