2D Action Roguelike ‘Oblivion Override’ Reveals Screenshots & 5-Minute Gameplay Trailer

Indie developer Humble Mill has revealed the first gameplay trailer for its upcoming 2D side-scrolling action roguelike, Oblivion Override.

This title is set in a post-apocalyptic mechanical world during an era of robots where mankind’s presence has become nonexistent. However, robots are programmed with the Oblivion Code, a failsafe program by their creators to halt hostile AI evolution.

The playable character, Crimson, is a combat robot assigned a cryptic mission in the Dulce Base. Players must grow accustomed to the swift movement and fast-paced action, with multi-directional air dashes, double jumps, and wall running. Further, several weapons with their own attack styles and skills are useable. For instance, the axe can launch enemies while the katana can parry.

Then once a player dies in battle, the robot’s skills can be customized, and allies can be conversed with. Regarding the former, skills can be unlocked whenever desired via the Central Cortex utilizing Nanites. Character building and customization are highly encouraged to be experimented with on the fly.

An English-only closed beta test can be signed up for via the game’s dedicated Discord server, with additional beta tests planned.

You can view the official key art for Oblivion Override, as well as screenshots, via our gallery below:

You can view the official five-minute gameplay showcase of Oblivion Override below:

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