1047 Games Joins Forces With Overwolf to Enhance Splitgate: Arena Warfare

1047 Games, the development studio behind the fast-paced arena shooter, Splitgate: Arena Warfare, has partnered with gaming application development company, Overwolf, to deliver Splitgate players high-quality third-party in-game apps.

Thanks to this partnership, Splitgate will get a nice competition quality boost for players, offering non-gameplay evasive applications geared to assist in tracking in-game stats, communication, and more. Overwolf integration goes live today for players participating in the Saturday, December 22 closed-alpha playtest. Participating players can download the update for free, and help create Splitgate apps at the Overwolf Appstore.

Splitgate has been described as a “Halo-meets-Portal shooter” since it has Halo 2 and Halo 3 style gameplay, and it requires precision timing, expert aim, and fluid movement. It’s quick to pick up so newbies can join in easily, but it can take hundreds of hours to master. With Overwolf’s support, the developer hopes to cut player’s grind time by integrating useful, deliberate apps that serve Splitgate competitors, providing players with in-game applications and accessibility.

Overwolf’s platform encourages third-party developers, like 1047 Games, to create and use applications, such as stat trackers, communication enhancements, seamless game capture, and more that are aimed at steering players towards smarter play while having fun. Integrated into Splitgate’s infrastructure, Overwolf allows developers and Splitgate players of all sorts to be creative and find the competitive edge they need to be a champ.

In a press release, Uri Marchand, CEO & Co-founder at Overwolf, shared more details on why the company decided to partner with 1047 Games for Splitgate: 

“We’re always looking for opportunities to join forces with game developers that share our passion for community content, apps, and services. 1047 is excited about giving gamers more creative ways to amp up the fun, and partnering with them on Splitgate is a perfect fit,” said Uri Marchand, CEO & Co-founder, Overwolf. “We love Splitgate. It’s fast-paced, super fun, competitive gameplay, and has a ton of potential. We’re excited to see what kind of creativity and innovation will come from the community.”

Take a step into Splitgate with the trailer and screenshots below.

Author’s Take: It’s nice to see people working together 🙂

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