100% Orange Juice Launches Free Update Version 2.0 For Fifth Anniversary Adding New Co-Op Mode and More

Fruitbat Factory is celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Orange_Juice developed strategy game 100% Orange Juice.

The publisher announced that the popular title will receive a new edition 100% Orange Juice Version 2.0 ~ Imaginary Numbers ~, a large update that includes a new event, “Minions of the Master”. However, this new update doesn’t only include events, Version 2.o will also add a permanent co-op mode.

Additionally, the publisher revealed a new 100% Orange Juice – Game of the Year Every Year Edition, which bundles the base game with 8 extra characters, 2 extra card packs, and all character come enhanced with the newly added Japanese voice dialog. This starter pack is meant for new players to jump into the game and get everything for a one time fee. Currently, it’s 73% off making it $8.57 for an over $30 bundle.

After logging in, players will also be granted an anniversary gift in the form of a present-themed home-mark. Additionally, the new event, Minions of the Master is also available to players which have players fight against strange monsters and figure out who is behind the events. This event will last until June 15. The co-op mode in the game allows players to fight against Big the Haruo and perhaps other bosses together on all-new co-op fields while leveling up there co-op character roles and unlocking new abilities. There are 13 new co-op achievements added to the game.

100% Orange Juice is a digital multiplay board game where the player rolls dice and collect cards to strategically win during battles. Players will race around the board game and encounter other players and enemies who they’ll need to attack with a dice roll. Stats of the character and cards are taken into consideration when fighting.

100% Orange Juice is available now on PC-via Steam.

You can check out screenshots for the new update below:

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