New Voices and a Year of the Pig Event Added to ‘100% Orange Juice’

100% Orange Juice is juicier than ever before as Fruitbat Factory has announced the beginning of a new event in 100% Orange Juice, as well as the arrival of four new DLC character voices. Characters, Kae, Krilalaris, Kyoko, and Alte are now voiced in their respective character packs.

The cast of the new voices is as follows:

Alte: Kawasaki Meiko (Boku no Hero Academia: Mandalay)

Kyoko: Fujita Masayo (Utawarerumono – Mask of Truth: Torikori)

Kae: Watanabe Moena

Krilalaris: Momokawa Rika (Sansha Sanyou: Sonobe Shino)

Just like with previous DLC additions, the new voices have been added for free to all existing 100% Orange Juice DLC owners. However, for those that do not own the DLC, it’s important to know that DLC has been increased from $1.99 to $2.99 due to the addition of the new voices.

Along with new voices, there’s also a new event in the spirit of the Year of the Pig, “Beware Pigformation”, which has simultaneously gone live in 100% Orange Juice. In the event, players will find that everyone’s turning into slothful pigs. Will you be able to save them from this terrible fate!? The event will run until March 4, 10:00 PST, so make sure to pig out on everything that the event offers.

100% Orange Juice players will notice that the game has been updated. Read through all of the changes and fixes in version 1.31.6 of 100% Orange Juice in the list below:


  • Pigformation event is now live! Unlock pig hearts by KO’ing other players, and use them to free all characters from pigformation, unlocking a pig cosmetic for them in the process.
  • New voices have been added for Krilalaris, Kae, Kyoko and Alte.
  • Exchange Token (inventory item) is now called Exchange Coupon.
  • Exchange Coupon grant period has been changed from every 3 days to be weekly: you now receive 15 coupons once per week whenever you log in, and can play up to 15 games to exchange them into Arcade Tokens.
  • Added Christmas 2018’s special cards to binder.
  • Previously viewed cutscenes (including completed event stories) can now be viewed in the Gallery.
  • New Common rarity items added to the Pet Catcher: Hearts, Balloons and Rain Clouds are new consumable items which can be used during a game.
  • Players can now use consumable items during their turn as well.
  • Clarified the description for Crystal Barrier.


  • Fixed an issue where the homemark and dice popup clicking region were not on the position where they should be.
  • Fixed voices not playing in-game for alternate characters such as Sora (Military) when having said characters as avatars.
  • Fixed hair graphical issues with Xmas 2018 special costumes.
  • Fixed main menu from reloading when clicking on a DLC banner.
  • Added correct rarity to Summer 2018’s hyper cards.

In other news, 100% Orange Juice is part of the Steam Lunar Sale until February 11, with a 75% discount on the game, and most of the DLC for the game is on sale as well. As of right now, 100% Orange Juice is currently the most popular board game from Japan on Steam, so if you haven’t played it already, now seems to be the perfect time to do so.

Meet and listen to 100% Orange Juice‘s Krilalaris,Alte, Kyoko, and Kae by checking out the following character trailers and screenshots:

Author’s take: Got a lot of vitamin C in the latest 100% Orange Juice update. Vitamin C is good for you. 

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