100% Orange Juice Adds Iru and Mira as Playable Characters

Fruitbat Factory launched two new playable characters as DLC in the Orange_Juice developed strategy game 100% Orange Juice, available now on PC-via Steam.

The new characters to enter the games growing roster is Iru, a sniper who wields a beam cannon can also be found in Suguri, and Mira, a Ninja from Sora. The two characters can be obtained through the Iru & Mira Character Pack, which also includes fully voice Japanese audio tracks for the characters.

Iru & Mira Character Pack includes:

  • Iru from ‘SUGURI’, voiced by Yoshioka Maya (Anchovy in Girls & Panzer)
  • Mira from ‘Sora’, voiced by Seki Kasumi
  • New, unique Hyper Cards for both characters to bring chaos to the battlefield with!
  • New music tracks play as Iru & Mira’s themes

100% Orange Juice is a digital multiplay board game where the player rolls dice and collect cards to strategically win during battles. Players will race around the board game and encounter other players and enemies who they’ll need to attack with a dice roll. Stats of the character and cards are taken into consideration when fighting.

In case you missed it, Arthur and Nico were recently added as playable characters.

You can check out new screenshots below showing the characters in action along with their special skills:

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