100% Orange Juice Gets New Playable Character DLC Adding Arthur and Nico

Fruitbat Factory launched two new playable characters as DLC in the Orange_Juice developed strategy game 100% Orange Juice, available now on PC-via Steam.

The DLC contents include Nico and Arthur as playable characters fully voiced by Kahara Yuu and Fujiwara Hikaru, respectively. Furthermore, the game will get a new 6-episode campaign, expanding the lore of the game and featuring the two new characters.

Additionally, the DLC will add unique Hyper Cards for both characters to use in the battlefield and new music tracks for Nico and Arther’s themes.

100% Orange Juice is a digital multiplay board game where the player rolls dice and collect cards to strategically win during battles. Players will race around the board game and encounter other players and enemies who they’ll need to attack with a dice roll. Stats of the character and cards are taken into consideration when fighting.

You can check out the new Hyper Cards and characters in the screenshots below:

Author’s take: This game continues to receive support from the developers and fans seem to respond well. The game holds a Very Positive review score on Steam since its launch in 2013. I will definitely be checking out the new DLC and join in on the fun.

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